Moda Blush Charm Square Tote

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My first thought in making this bag was the machine quilting. I want it to be perfect because I am giving it to a friend. We all want to give some one something better than what we would make for ourselves, right? I thought a kind of a grid would be perfect so I started drawing lines in each corner. They all started to intersect in the middle and then I left the middle square with vertical lines. I really like the effect.

For the inside of the bag I used some Heather Bailey fabric. The blue looked so nice with it and matched just fine. I didn’t want to make the usual four patch side pockets on both sides, so I put in a zippered pocket on one side. I also added a magnetic closure to it. (Rob pointed out later that I installed it wrong. I wanted to be mad at him, but I realized he was right. Now I know the right way!)

I found another Heather Bailey fabric for the handles. That is the only down side I can think of to charm square packs. I didn’t have any Moda Blush yardage, (because the charm packs were a gift) so I struggled a bit to find something to match. The yellow in the fabric kind of threw me off, but I like it now.

What do you think? I like it. I realized just now that the front pocket is a bit low. Do you think it will matter? I hope that it ends up being in just the right spot to put her cell phone. That is what I would like to do…

square tote

Do I have to give it away?

Can you see the little keychain sock dangling from the keychain fob?

mini sock blocker

Here, let me get you a little closer. There, now can you see it? This is one of the little socks that I told you about in my last post. Doesn’t it look perfect? I think it was made just for this bag. I guess that means that I will have to part ways. *sniff*

Goodbye little sock, goodbye quilted hand bag…

I hope you get all of your sewing done on time, without too much heartache. It isn’t truly a sacrifice if it doesn’t hurt a little bit! Happy Quilting!

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