Fabric & Fiber

With a name like Quilting Iowa, you might be wondering why I am talking about knitting too. I am a quilter, but I am also a knitter. Quilting uses lovely and colorful fabric. Knitting uses lovely and colorful fiber. It is too hard to resist talking about them, they compliment each other so well. When I walk into a quilt store, I am overcome with excitement over the colors and patterns. I love seeing the quilts on the walls and the many patterns on display. I could spend hours just petting and pawing through all of the bolts of fabric. When I walk into a knitting store, I admit to having the same feelings. I think it must be the colors and textures of all the skeins of yarn. I love watching an skein of yarn being wound into a lovely cake of yarn. It is crazy the things that make me happy in my advancing age. I think that candy used to make me feel this way…

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