4th of July 2015

The most entertaining part of the day time activities were the dogs and the kids lighting fireworks. The dogs were so hilarious, I couldn’t help snapping a thousand pictures of them that I will never have any use for. The beauty of going digital.


Our dog Sammy is never allowed to run free where we live. He is a naughty dog that will not stay, he always runs away. So, when we went to our friends house out in the country, he was a free agent. Our friends have a dog as well, and he didn’t like our dog. No matter what we did to try and get him to like Sammy, the more he barked and snarled. Sammy just chased him all over and got all of the exercise he has missed in last year.

He just panted and panted the rest of the afternoon away. When we put him in the car to leave, he curled up on the seat and closed his eyes. I think he was in a little bit of pain, he was so tired.

For the first time ever, we let the kids do most of the lighting. My oldest son turned out to be really good at that. It was fun to watch. First there is the crazy moment when you try to touch the punk to the fuse.

And then there is a lot of running away….

Followed by a lot of good laughter by the adults.

The only part that is never much fun, is the mess left afterwards. This a bucket of water that the kids were throwing smoke bombs into. That kept them entertained for quite some time…

The battlefield. Sadly, this is only a minor fraction of the debris field. I guess the kids haven’t picked up on cleaning up after each one? Aw Mom, where is the fun in that?

Hope you all had a wonderful and safe Fourth of July!

What did you all do?

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