Why Quilt?

The first quilt I ever made was just a simple square patch lap quilt. I was so proud of the color choices I made and the sewing that was done. I still use that lap quilt even though it is not my most fancy or most beautiful one.

I don’t have any heirloom quilts passed down from generations of quilters. That would be a wonderful thing to have to share with my kids. The quilts that I make today aren’t even that kind of quality, but they are very loved and used often. I think that is what makes me want to be a quilter.

There are so many kinds of projects that can be made with quilting. There are bags, lap quilts, baby quilts, table runners and place mats. You can make clothing, lamp shades, table cloths and ironing board covers. The possibilities are so wonderfully endless. I am going to enjoy trying to exhaust them all and pass them on to family and friends. Once in a while I will keep a few for myself…

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