Why Knit? Why not..

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I still remember the first time I picked up my first set of knitting needles and bought my first skein of yarn. I remember thinking, I am going to teach myself how to knit. I bought a book and sat down for two hours and ended up with a knotted mess. Being the kind of person that I am, I quit. Many years later my husband Rob told me he had found a website called Knittinghelp.com that would help me learn how to knit. I was so impressed that he had been looking for something like that for me. I hadn’t even really said anything about my disappointment. Maybe he thought I needed to add another expensive hobby to my collection…Well, I got out those same knitting needles and the same yarn and I gave it another shot. Those little video tutorials were so helpful! All of a sudden I could knit! I could even purl. I was hooked. I started knitting whenever I had the chance, in between babies, schooling, house cleaning, commercials… I am still knitting, trying new patterns and techniques.

My favorite thing about knitting would have to be finding a new pattern that has something in it that I think there is no way I can do it. Then I surprise myself and do it. The question for you my dear friend is if you have wanted to learn, why don’t you give it a try? Why not knit?

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