A Squirrel in the Backyard…

This little guy was prancing around the side yard actually, not the backyard. The kitchen window looks out to some really great animal life. There are usually a bird or two to watch in addition to this lively squirrel.


See how he is getting ready to run? Actually, in addition to boring you to death about this squirrel, you are giving me an opportunity to blog about something I took a picture of with our new camera. We finally broke down and bought a Nikon and I love it.

We always have used Canons in the past, but we thought it was about time to give Nikon a try. I thought I would be using it to photograph fabric and quilting projects, but I haven’t made anything so I am taking wildlife pictures instead. I hope that you don’t mind my little foray into the great outdoors.

he birdbath seemed like a good way to end this little blog post. Thank you and good day.

Dum spiro spero
“While I breath I hope”

Moda Blush Charm Square Tote

My first thought in making this bag was the machine quilting. I want it to be perfect because I am giving it to a friend. We all want to give some one something better than what we would make for ourselves, right? I thought a kind of a grid would be perfect so I started drawing lines in each corner. They all started to intersect in the middle and then I left the middle square with vertical lines. I really like the effect.

For the inside of the bag I used some Heather Bailey fabric. The blue looked so nice with it and matched just fine. I didn’t want to make the usual four patch side pockets on both sides, so I put in a zippered pocket on one side. I also added a magnetic closure to it. (Rob pointed out later that I installed it wrong. I wanted to be mad at him, but I realized he was right. Now I know the right way!)

I found another Heather Bailey fabric for the handles. That is the only down side I can think of to charm square packs. I didn’t have any Moda Blush yardage, (because the charm packs were a gift) so I struggled a bit to find something to match. The yellow in the fabric kind of threw me off, but I like it now.

What do you think? I like it. I realized just now that the front pocket is a bit low. Do you think it will matter? I hope that it ends up being in just the right spot to put her cell phone. That is what I would like to do…

square tote

Do I have to give it away?

Can you see the little keychain sock dangling from the keychain fob?

mini sock blocker

Here, let me get you a little closer. There, now can you see it? This is one of the little socks that I told you about in my last post. Doesn’t it look perfect? I think it was made just for this bag. I guess that means that I will have to part ways. *sniff*

Goodbye little sock, goodbye quilted hand bag…

I hope you get all of your sewing done on time, without too much heartache. It isn’t truly a sacrifice if it doesn’t hurt a little bit! Happy Quilting!

Fabric & Fiber

With a name like Quilting Iowa, you might be wondering why I am talking about knitting too. I am a quilter, but I am also a knitter. Quilting uses lovely and colorful fabric. Knitting uses lovely and colorful fiber. It is too hard to resist talking about them, they compliment each other so well. When I walk into a quilt store, I am overcome with excitement over the colors and patterns. I love seeing the quilts on the walls and the many patterns on display. I could spend hours just petting and pawing through all of the bolts of fabric. When I walk into a knitting store, I admit to having the same feelings. I think it must be the colors and textures of all the skeins of yarn. I love watching an skein of yarn being wound into a lovely cake of yarn. It is crazy the things that make me happy in my advancing age. I think that candy used to make me feel this way…

Why Knit? Why not..

I still remember the first time I picked up my first set of knitting needles and bought my first skein of yarn. I remember thinking, I am going to teach myself how to knit. I bought a book and sat down for two hours and ended up with a knotted mess. Being the kind of person that I am, I quit. Many years later my husband Rob told me he had found a website called Knittinghelp.com that would help me learn how to knit. I was so impressed that he had been looking for something like that for me. I hadn’t even really said anything about my disappointment. Maybe he thought I needed to add another expensive hobby to my collection…Well, I got out those same knitting needles and the same yarn and I gave it another shot. Those little video tutorials were so helpful! All of a sudden I could knit! I could even purl. I was hooked. I started knitting whenever I had the chance, in between babies, schooling, house cleaning, commercials… I am still knitting, trying new patterns and techniques.

My favorite thing about knitting would have to be finding a new pattern that has something in it that I think there is no way I can do it. Then I surprise myself and do it. The question for you my dear friend is if you have wanted to learn, why don’t you give it a try? Why not knit?

Why Quilt?

The first quilt I ever made was just a simple square patch lap quilt. I was so proud of the color choices I made and the sewing that was done. I still use that lap quilt even though it is not my most fancy or most beautiful one.

I don’t have any heirloom quilts passed down from generations of quilters. That would be a wonderful thing to have to share with my kids. The quilts that I make today aren’t even that kind of quality, but they are very loved and used often. I think that is what makes me want to be a quilter.

There are so many kinds of projects that can be made with quilting. There are bags, lap quilts, baby quilts, table runners and place mats. You can make clothing, lamp shades, table cloths and ironing board covers. The possibilities are so wonderfully endless. I am going to enjoy trying to exhaust them all and pass them on to family and friends. Once in a while I will keep a few for myself…