A Squirrel in the Backyard…

This little guy was prancing around the side yard actually, not the backyard. The kitchen window looks out to some really great animal life. There are usually a bird or two to watch in addition to this lively squirrel.


See how he is getting ready to run? Actually, in addition to boring you to death about this squirrel, you are giving me an opportunity to blog about something I took a picture of with our new camera. We finally broke down and bought a Nikon and I love it.

We always have used Canons in the past, but we thought it was about time to give Nikon a try. I thought I would be using it to photograph fabric and quilting projects, but I haven’t made anything so I am taking wildlife pictures instead. I hope that you don’t mind my little foray into the great outdoors.

he birdbath seemed like a good way to end this little blog post. Thank you and good day.

Dum spiro spero
“While I breath I hope”

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